The holiday which just passed is a particularly meaningful time for the HR Doctor.  I was the only child of a disabled mom who contracted polio as an infant.

Mother Remembered


A decline in manufacturing and negative news coverage following the 2016 presidential election affected the image of Erie County, Pa.


County Exec Visits 50 Local Businesses

If you’re going to focus on action in an effort to accomplish something, anything, you’re going to want to measure it.

How else will you know if you’re making progress, getting better, achieving what’s possible and staying on track to reach your aiming points and realize your envisioned future state?

Measure What Matters — Only What Matters

A local government’s general fund financial reserves or “rainy day” fund is a safeguard against risks like recessions that blow a hole in the budget or extreme events that demand a quick and decisive public safety response.

How Much Is In Your County’s ‘Rainy Day’ Fund?

Lander County, Nevada

Behind the Seal - May 13, 2019

County leaders gathered recently in Multnomah County, Ore. to learn how the county is improving its justice system and to share successes and challenges they face at home.

County leaders take notes during a Justice Peer Exchange meeting in Multnomah County, Ore., held April 11-12. Officials from around the country swapped justice system successes and challenges at the meetup. Photo by Vernon Smith

Finding answers, together, to justice system challenges

County Countdown — May 13, 2019

Photos from Washington, D.C. and counties across the country.

This Week in Photos: May 5 – 11

An estimated two million annual jail admissions involve adults with serious mental illnesses (SMIs). Counties are at the forefront of this issue and recognize the need for systems-level change to help them better link people to treatment and services while improving public safety in fiscally responsible and effective ways.

Stepping Up Resource Guide

County Classifieds

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26 March 2019
Another session of the WV Legislature has been completed, and WVACo found success this year in passi...
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05 October 2018
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