April bring May flowers, isn’t that the way it is supposed to work? How are we getting snow at this late date and frosty nights? Is this an April Fool’s trick from above?

Funny, the weather is one thing in our daily lives we have absolutely zero control.

Makes me wonder, what control do we really have in life? Home? Work? We choose to have a home or family. We have our work, how- ever, we have a little thing called an election to win and then the Legislature determines the processes we perform in our duties and any changes thereto. We have our “work” family that we spend more awake hours than our “home” family. Some of our work family we inherited and others we chose. How do we attract the kind of individuals to represent us well in our offices daily .... . like a flowering shrub to attract butterflies or hummingbirds. We have to make a good selection for the best results.

Do we have a clear vision of what we want in our landscaping of our office? Do we surround ourselves with all colorful flowers that compete for their place or leave space for the long-lasting evergreens that have weathered many winters? Sometimes the bright flowers compliment each other more when plant- ed strategically in your garden around the evergreens. We need to make sure the landscaping of our office is functional, represents us well and is planted for many future seasons.

This makes me think of working in my parents’ yard as a kid with my siblings. April 10th was National Siblings Day. I hope you took a few minutes to celebrate the occasion, send a card, phone, post an old photo on social media, text or made a connection somehow to your sibling(s), partner in crime or best friend for life. I always think how different all my siblings turned out, our destinations in life are so different, but we all came from the same place.

All of us as elected officials are at the same destination in life. We have used our control in life to determine the path we would follow through our garden of life. I hope we have all made wise decisions of our selection of flowers and evergreens for our garden so we can enjoy our spring fever, lingering sun- shine and warm breezes of this season.

If would be great if you could join us for a few days, June 5 -7, 2016, for the Spring board meeting in Greenbrier County. Stop and smell the tulips and daffodils for a moment.

Call the WVACO Office for information.

Good Luck to all in this election season!
Brenda L. Miller WVACO President